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NEXT digital backoffice

We have expertise in cloud, business communications, collaboration, administration, bookkeeping, sales and marketing, social media and support. Our support specialists and partners help deliver next generation backoffice solutions that provide you a competitive advantage.

One Step Availability

Our moto is to make your experience with Next Backoffice friendly, unique and professional. Contact our Service Desk now and request a range of services designed to facilitate, coordinate, communicate, develop, administer or support your critical backoffice business requirements.

Innovators and Facilitators

Our support specialists are innovators and facilitators. With the assistance of our executive team and digital business architecture, our services and solutions are designed to bring our clients maximum outsourced benefit to reduce the bottomline and maximise profits.

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners facilitate and extend the growing range of backoffice solutions and services available to our clients. We continue to seek capable, dedicated and tested partners who can compliment, extend and enhance the services available at short notice and on-call.

Digital Backoffice Solutions

Service Desk Management

We manage collaborative Service Desk solutions using workflow management software in the cloud managed by support resources designed for independent, small and medium sized businesses and professionals.

Diary and Scheduling Management

Do you struggle to manage your daily calendar? Whether you are busy entrepreneur, growing business or startup, why not outsource your diary and business scheduling to our experienced and friendly support professionals.

Communications Management

We partner with strategic business communications providers to offer our clients contemporary solutions. We can help you virtualise your reception, website chat, messaging and diary communications.

WordPress Administration

With over 25% of the world's websites running on WordPress, Nextbackoffice continues to develop a suite of WordPress support and administration solutions and services for your digital backoffice.

Technical Support Services

We continue to work out new disruptive ways that we can assist startups, entrepreneurs and mobile professionals with administration and business support services including document creation and management.

Social Media Management

We offer a range of social media management solutions outsourced and managed including blogging, landing page, social media, communications and administration on behalf of our savvy and thought leading clients.

Digital Business

Today's Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses are surrounded by noise in the jungle of of digital business. We strive towards simplification, clarification and guidance of our clients towards digital business solutions that enhance and empower our clients for business success.

Workplace Capability

Workplace Capability is challenge of all businesses. How does business adapt to the demands of the workforce to work with mobility, bring your own devices, remotely but also collaboratively in an efficient and effective manner? We can provide a range of solutions and services.

Digital Life Hacking

Our team continually explore solutions and innovations that seek to hack your digital business life. In a world crowded by digital products, hacking through the noise is critical to your success. We can assist you selecting, implementing and supporting your digital solutions.

Digital Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur you are busy innovating, creating, building and developing your business. Our team works with Entrepreneurs to achieve competitive advantage in their businesses through mobility, integration and automation of emerging cloud based technologies.

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